Amazing Anatomical Artworks by Nunzio Paci (Artist on tumblr)


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done by Patrick Hüttlinger


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Ralph Ziman’s “Ghosts http://bit.ly/1q6ZD0o


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On the Fringes of London’s Street Style with Damien Frost

To see more photos of the characters Damien captures, follow @harmonyhalo on Instagram.

“I’m often attracted to the more flamboyantly dressed—people living their own opera and acting out their theater on the street.”

Damien Frost (@harmonyhalo) is an Australian graphic designer who lives in London, where he makes posters for ballet and opera houses. Though self-described as reserved and conservatively dressed, Damien is drawn to the eccentric. Every day after work, he searches the city—sometimes for hours—until he has a “random encounter” that produces a portrait of a stranger’s creative style.

“I’m attracted to people on the fringes, whether that be on the fringe of fashion or gender or just what is considered mainstream,” Damien says, “but sometimes it might just be a little subtle touch, a flower in the hair, nice makeup or just a general style that the person seems to be inhabiting very well.”


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#fbf to this morning when I made all this


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Peter Feiler


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I do love this cartoon muchly.

Sick show. Sick Painting.


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Another concept for Ruggero’s birthday commission! I based the characters on his designs! Check out his work, it’s wonderful!

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Have you heard about this show at Giant Robot 2 in LA?

I’m in it along with an incredible bunch of animation peeps, and it’s on until May 14th… But more importantly, check out this FlipBooKit gadget! It’s a flipbook thingy with a handle that you crank to see the animation move… It’s amazing! IT’S LIKE THE INTERNET IN REAL LIFE!!

You can check out the artworks and purchase them at Giant Robot.com, or head over to flipbookit.com and buy a blank kit to view your own animations on… and if you check out FlipBooKit’s facebook page they’re featuring a new artist each day!

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